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Some of my fondest childhood memories revolve around searching out treasures and creating collages with objects I had collected. The act of gathering and appreciating keepsakes has stayed with me throughout my life and still brings me much pleasure today.

I have always been particularly interested in what makes something look incredible, feel extraordinary or taste wonderful. Over the years, at work and at home, I have continually strived to create objects and experiences that are crafted with thoughtful design and artisan workmanship, and I get real joy from seeing how people react to something I have invested my love and time within. The Escape project for CACHEBOOKS is a perfect example as it is based on my family’s journey from our home in Primrose Hill London, to a new home in the middle of the English countryside.
Creation and reinvention is a part of who I am and it has always been a part of my educational and professional life too. Interestingly, Catherine and I both spent a year at the Université Paris-Sorbonne years before we knew each other. It’s fascinating to me that on a number of occasions destiny positioned us to meet. Both being driven by a creative hunger and passion for cultures, we did finally meet for the first time in Sri Lanka. Our first subject of discussion was about the aura of perfume. We both had traces of the same one, one that was very carefully selected. We found this enchanting and it was the beginning of a true friendship.
After my studies finished with a year at the Sorbonne in Paris, I returned to the UK to work in media where I started my career as a media planner and buyer in London. I went on to become European Head of Sales and Marketing for Discovery Channel and then Head of European Sales for MTV. In 1998, I launched Cunning, a pioneering creative agency. Establishing offices in London and New York, we had the opportunity to work with many large and small brands to tell their stories through fully immersive brand experiences. We were one of the first agencies to specialise in this area working with many established clients including; British Airways, MINI, Channel 4, HSBC Premier, Esprit, Dove, British Fashion Council, Nissan and NYC&Co. My role was to oversee the creation of experiential, branding, advertising, digital and social media campaigns to generate meaningful conversations and irresistible connections with customers.
I have been very fortunate to have worked with some hugely talented people and teams along the way from the worlds of film making, photography, design, set building, web development and copywriting. I think the most rewarding aspect of the jobs I’ve had was seeing a project through from the formation of the brief, through the creative process and into a tangible outcome. The pressure to constantly produce original and newsworthy work meant that I was always looking into original and innovative ways to create and present ideas. I was very proud that Cunning’s work received much media attention over the years and I became a regular speaker at conferences around Europe as well as a TV and radio commentator on media and publicity issues.
I now find myself entering a new phase of my working life launching CACHE with my dear friend Catherine. Together we are investing our vast experience and passions for creation and fusing these with our clients’ most important treasures and events to create the ultimate life curation service.
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