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You may wish to commission an original artwork, with a traditional or contemporary design, as a companion piece to another CACHE commission or simply to cherish a more traditional keepsake and to have a wonderfully unique heirloom.

CACHE works with selected artists across various media (oil, textile, digital, sculpture and/or mixed media) to create and to design tailor-made pieces, be it paintings or an installation. The fine art work can be presented a number of ways, in a traditional or more contemporary handcrafted frame, or directly installed into your home (or perhaps gardens if a sculpture), or office. In addition, it can be digitally stored or even hosted online. CACHE will work with you to create a detailed brief and find the ideal artist for the creation of your artwork.

CACHE is positioned to bring in artists that are truly specific to the client’s needs and depending on how much they would like to be involved in the creative process. Our familiarity with the art market, the media available, and the great chance to know personally and professionally artists worldwide, makes this a wonderful and rare opportunity for clients to have something that is not only a work of art, but something highly personal and incredibly rare.

Below are just a few examples of artists CACHE works with.

Brigitte Evill, Sculptor

Brigitte Evill is a British-born sculptor who works in a variety of metals as well as other materials. She was a Creative Director at various international advertising and design agencies in London, Paris and Hong Kong, where she won awards for her creative work for international clients such as IBM.

In 2000, she made a major career switch so that she could concentrate her creative energies on works in metal, initially making jewellery in silver and gold and then creating large scale sculptures in steel and bronze. In 2006, she won the Victoria & Albert Museum’s Inspired By sculpture prize for her piece, Ascent (pictured far right).

Evill’s work always tells a story. In her piece “Rise or Fall”, commissioned by a prominent businessman, Evill and her client reflected on how precarious it is “at the top” in the commercial world, and how shaky the support can feel. But at the same time the climb can be tremendously exciting and there’s a thrill in the risks you take in going higher and, once you’re there, thinking about how long you can stay, where you go after reaching the summit. The next summit, perhaps?

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Alice Instone, Artist

Alice Instone is an English artist who makes paintings concerned with gender and power. Her subjects are generally women and are often influential or well known public figures. Through beautiful pieces Instone tells their stories. These stories revolve around the individual as well as Instone’s own fascination with the balance of gender, power and femininity and her pieces often reference great works of literature or social social history.

Instone’s work is held in several public collections and her solo exhibitions include the House of Commons, the Royal Society of Arts, Northampton Museum, Chanel Head Office, More London Place and The House of St Barnabas in Soho. She has worked with Annie Lennox, Emilia Fox, Baroness Kennedy, Baroness Scotland and Professor Baroness Greenfield, Laura Bailey, Elle Macpherson, Bianca Jagger, Sir Peter Blake, Beverley Knight, Baron Woolf, Alice Temperley, Jo Wood, Pattie Boyd, Shami Chakrabarti, Nicole Farhi, Sir David Hare, Dame Evelyn Glennie and Cherie Blair amongst others.

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Stephanie Rubin, Contemporary Artist

Stephanie Rubin is a multi-disciplinary contemporary artist. Her early training is rooted in traditional sculpture, archaeological restoration and theater set construction. Rubin’s experiences in working with ancient historical works and in the contemporary performance environment has led to a number of influences on her work. She has a unique understanding of how stories can be expressed through the creation of pieces that blends the pragmatic with the esoteric.

Storytelling is central to Rubin’s work. In her project, Tracing Thames Chronicles she presents a collection of life stories have been kept alive and handed down. This work consists of a series of nine heads of people aged between 28 and 80 who live or have lived within the borders of London. The viewer can listen to isolated testaments and conversations through headphones which relate stories or rituals from a life. She combines modelling and audio recordings so that it includes both the subjectivity of the sitter and her own, as artist.

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Melissa White, Interiors Artist

Melissa White is a designer, painter and interiors artist. Working largely to commission, she creates bespoke pieces such as wall hangings and painted textiles for soft furnishings for private homes, public spaces and heritage properties.

Her work can be seen at Shakespeare’s Birthplace Museum in Stratford-upon-Avon, where she worked on floor-to-ceiling replicas of Elizabethan painted cloths, exactly duplicating what had existed in Shakespeare’s house at the time. One of her most recent commissions was to create a mural for the Queen’s Summerhouse in the grounds of Buckingham Palace, which is pictured in the gallery to the right.

In addition to interiors, White also hand paints surface patterns for hanging and for print. In collaboration with both Zoffany and Lewis & Woo, both manufactures of luxury materials and wallpapers, she created a series of designs that launched in September 2013. White continues to collaborate with Zoffany on occasional designs for their fabric and wallpaper collections.

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