CACHE Biographies

Have you ever considered preserving your life story or charting your family history to share with family and future generations? CACHE can help you do just that.

You can hire CACHE to chronicle the history of your family, whether that history spans years, decades or centuries. You may wish to recount your own life story in a “personal legacy”, which can be regularly updated, or to honor the life story of a relative or friend. We can be hired for a one-off event, such as a birthday or anniversary, or on an ongoing basis to regularly add to an ever-growing archive. CACHE can even chart the growth of a business and curate its history.

We research, collate and curate life achievements and experiences, histories and biographies and present them in a range of beautiful media. We work with world-class artisans, craftsmen, artists, filmmakers and designers to produce these meticulously crafted presentations, from password-protected websites and handbound art books, to captivating films shot by movie making crews.

We believe that family histories help heads of family to share their stories, vision and values. The Rockefeller Foundation is living proof that John D. Rockefeller bequeathed more than just his fortune; he handed down his values, which his heirs maintain alongside the story of the legendary man who instilled them. An example of a family archive is that of The Plowden Legacy, commissioned by Piers Plowden who hired CACHE to create a comprehensive history of the Plowden family.

Drawing on face-to-face interviews and more than 2,000 photos, letters and documents, we have designed and built a beautiful website; an enduring record of this distinguished family, whose members include Sir Edmund Plowden, founder of Middle Temple Hall and lawyer to Queen Elizabeth I, and Baron Edwin Plowden, distinguished public servant and industrialist.

Confidentiality is of paramount importance to us and we take great measures to ensure your data and personal information are secure on your personal website. To learn more about how we manage and protect your data, take a look at your confidentiality page. Should your Legacy commission include a website, all hosting, website updates, training and technical services can be included in our Personal Curation services.

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Family Tree

For The Plowden Legacy, CACHE traced this ancient British family back to 1191 AD and the Third Crusade.