CACHE Corporate

You can hire CACHE to curate and chronicle the life of a company. For example, celebrate a company’s history or a specific event such as an anniversary through the creation of books, films, websites or events. Or indeed a combination.

CACHE recognizes that digitized brand assets are highly valuable for education, customer and staff engagement and enjoyment. We offer a digital preservation service to capture, digitize and archive assets – or to catalog a company owned collection.

Imagine walking into a retail space selling luxury leather goods and you allow your smartphone to engage with virtual content on your behalf. You are then taken on a 3D walk-through which might include images of artisans working in the tannery and workshop, models walking up and down wearing the merchandise, bespoke music and a VIP invitation to a special event later that month.

The value and benefits of digitizing records and creating seamless cross-channel experiences are immense.

Confidentiality is of paramount importance to us and we take great measures to ensure your data and personal information are secure on your personal website. To learn more about how we manage and protect your data, see our confidentiality page.

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A few examples of the Royal Warrants held by Paragon China, granted by several members of the British Royal Family including King George IV (1937) and Queen Elizabeth II (1953).