CACHE Events

When it comes to wonderful and memorable events, people most appreciate originality, exquisite detail and exceptional service. From the invitations, choice of venue and styling to excellent catering and fabulous entertainment, we ensure your event will be a success from start to finish. With no panics!

For some events, however, the traditional trappings are not enough, no matter how well they are done. There are times when creating an event that becomes a talking point, something beyond comparison and completely unforgettable is what is desired. CACHE creates beautiful, memorable and truly unique events for any occasion.

For a truly unique event, CACHE will create something that is constantly surprising and thrilling in locations that range from the domestic to the beautiful and even the unusual. From designing fantastic and unique elements for events, such as a projection-mapped wedding cake or an art installation to the entire event itself, from concept to execution.

Whether it’s a traditional celebration for a milestone birthday set in a fabulous stately home or a specially fabricated beach in the center of Covent Garden in London, CACHE Events are limited only by the imagination.

Another option to consider is the creation a beautiful film to capture an event, shot by a movie-making crew using cinematic cameras, to capture the event to share with your guests or to keep as a memory of the occasion. CACHE works with the best directors, film crews and editing studios and to create the most stunning of films.

Contact us if you would like to discuss ideas for an upcoming event or wish to film an event.

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