CACHE creates beautiful, personalized, celebratory films. Imagine…

A bespoke montage film made to recognize a daughter’s milestone birthday, incorporating old video footage of her growing up and combined with interviews with her school friends and relatives – accompanied by your own commissioned music and voice over.

A  glamorous and exciting film documentary of you and your friends on a classic yacht enjoying St Barts.

A tribute to your grandfather, using old cine film footage alongside interviews, testimonials and a score of his favorite music.

A Friends’ Roast film featuring you and select friends telling stories and anecdotes about the birthday boy at his party.

A pop video featuring you and your friends as your favourite rock band shot by a leading film director.

With this energy, we can either be inspired to develop original ideas, or parody almost any music video you’ve ever seen (technology is truly wonderful).

Oh yes, you do need to learn the words! =)

CACHE Films are bespoke and the options are endless so there are no limits to what we can create for you.

CACHE works with the most accomplished film crews, directors, producers, writers and editors. Should you wish your film to be narrated by a well-known actor, directed by a celebrated film director or scripted by a renowned actor, CACHE can make this happen.

Click here to view an example of a Film Commission.


For spectacular events that deserve to be documented.