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In the same way that you might work with an architect, an interior designer or personal concierge service, you can now work with a Personal Curator. Carefully selected and trained by CACHE, our expert Personal Curators are amenable, creative, meticulous, highly organized and discreet. They will guide you through every stage of your commission, from the initial idea, to discussing the possibilities, and the final presentation. Our Personal Curators regularly handle personal and confidential information and CACHE has a strict and comprehensive confidentiality policy. When you express an interest in one of our services, we will arrange for you to meet one of our Personal Curators to discuss your own needs and our bespoke services. The options and possibilities of a commission are unlimited. There is no list of services or products to choose from because each commission is researched, designed, and developed from scratch and is as unique as the story to be told.

We believe that our best work comes from an inspiring and well defined creative brief. A good brief provides direction, insight, an overview of why you are seeking our help and what we can do to help.

Every CACHE commission is unique and to ensure that we respond with the best solution, we have adopted the following work process. Throughout this process we maintain a close partnership with you, helping and guiding you with decisions based on our experience.


A telephone or video conversation with a CACHE director to discuss your commission and understand your initial perception of the project. We talk through any material you already have and discuss whether your commission requires new material.


You will receive an outline brief from a Personal Curator based on the information discussed. This will be followed by a meeting to explore your brief and discuss the best talent for your requirements, such as a suitable writer, director, producer, photographer or artist.


Further to the meeting, you will receive a proposal from your Personal Curator including a proposed scope of work, timeline and budget.


On acceptance of the proposal, your Personal Curator will finalise a shortlist of talent. This could include acclaimed photographers, filmmakers, writers or narrators as well as emerging new talent. We will then present and discuss each candidate’s showreel or portfolio and determine with you the best team for your commission. A final budget will be presented to you once the talent has been confirmed.


Your Personal Curator will oversee the collation of your existing material and information, as well as any additional requests, such as filmed interviews or written pieces. All of this material is curated by CACHE involving a variety of disciplines ranging from design to narration to digitisation.

Your Personal Curator will update you on developments and send samples of ongoing commissions allowing you as much or as little input as you wish.


Presentation of the final commission, tailored to your personal requirements. Even after completion of your commission, your partnership with CACHE may continue should you select us to administer your archive.

If you would like to discuss commissioning CACHE, please do call us.

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