Life & Times

A person’s life is filled with moments that should be preserved and remembered, not just by the individual, who can reflect on all these highlights and achievements, but also so future generations are able to connect with that person through important moments and milestones.

Commissioned by his children, the ”Life & Times” was a multimedia biography recording all the key moments in a person’s life, documenting his milestones and significant moments; from school reports to university degrees, important birthdays and events, marriages and children, accolades and achievements as well as wonderful highlights from a long and distinguished academic and professional career.

CACHE curated a life’s worth of photographs and documents, in addition to anecdotes and stories through recorded interviews with the individual and members of his family (both filmed and audio). The “Life & Times” was created as an interactive timeline where the myriad of photos and documents, audio and video media could be browsed chronologically along the “lifeline” of the individual. Each entry also had the ability to have notes and memories, both written and recorded, added by other members of the family.

The above gallery is shown with the kind permission of our client.