Shooting Stars

To capture a person on film, so every quality and characteristic shows through in a single image, takes knowledge, experience and tremendous talent. The same can be said for spaces and places. Conjuring the spirit and feeling of a place through an image, so the viewer truly feels what it’s like to be there, is a gift.

For Stuart Conway, award-winning international photographer, “slicing and stealing a moment in time to admire later always seemed like some kind of special magic to me and its what continues to fuel my passion for photography today.”

“I love to create an atmosphere or situation where people, motion, energy and time converge and the images just flow.” Conway, has over a 15 year career has traveled the world capturing some wonderful places and photographing some truly iconic individuals, winning awards for his work. From First Lady Laura Bush to silver screen icon Lauren Bacall, social rights activist Desmond Tutu to recording star Sir Tom Jones OBE, broadcasting legend Sir David Attenborough to Willy Wonka actor Gene Wilder and even Superman himself Christopher Reeve… Conway’s portfolio is a who’s who of some of the last centuries most famous faces.

Conway’s travels and work have also taken him to some wonderful places and meeting some wonderful people. He lists, among the many places and people he’s met in his photographic voyage, swimming with a newborn humpback whale calf in Tonga as a most beautiful and unforgettable experience. “I have worked in over thirty countries now and always looking forward to the next one…”

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