The Interiors Artist

Melissa White is an interiors designer and painter who creates spectacularly beautiful and entirely bespoke pieces for private homes, public spaces and heritage properties. One of her most recent commissions was to create a mural for the Queen’s Summerhouse in the grounds of Buckingham Palace, which is pictured in the gallery to the right.

White was introduced to Elizabethan decoration in 1997 when she trained with artist and craftsman David Cutmore. Cutmore had already dedicated several years to researching the subject when Melissa joined him. Their work on a re-display project for Shakespeare’s Birthplace Museum in Stratford-upon-Avon is seen by thousands of tourists each year. Cutmore and White, along with a team of craftsmen and decorators created floor-to-ceiling replicas of Elizabethan painted cloths, duplicating wall paintings that Shakespeare would have known from visiting nearby houses.

Her work can be seen in a variety of buildings and museums, including Shakespeare’s Birthplace in Stratford-Upon-Avon, and in 2007 she was appointed a QEST scholar (Queen Elizabeth Scholarship Trust) to carry our further research into Elizabethan decoration.

Melissa draws on diverse and ever changing range influences for her designs and is best known for reproducing Elizabethan wall paintings and painted cloths. Painted textiles for soft furnishings and wall hangings painted to order, painted interiors including walls and furniture decorated with historic and bespoke designs as well as fresco-secco, decorative wall mounted artwork, patinated, cracked and aged.

Over the years White has work on various projects for museums and private clients, developing a hands-on understanding and appreciation of how our ancestors decorated their homes whilst accumulating a valuable resource of Elizabethan reference material.

In addition to interiors, White also hand paints surface patterns for hanging and for print. In collaboration with both Zoffany and Lewis & Wood, both manufactures of luxury materials and wallpapers, on a series of designs that launched in September 2013. White continues to collaborate with Zoffany on occasional designs for their fabric and wallpaper collections.

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