The Plowden Legacy

Here is a wonderful example of a family legacy commissioned by Piers Plowden for his young son and future generations of his family. The story is told through a curated collection of photographs, letters and documents of key characters from both branches of his lineage.

The Plowden family is a distinguished one with an aristocratic heritage going back 1000 years with many of its family members involved in significant events throughout British history. Roger De Plowden participated in the Third Crusade in 1191 and Sir Edmund Plowden was lawyer to Queen Elizabeth I. More recently Baron Edwin Plowden was a distinguished public servant and industrialist while his wife Lady Bridget was a leading figure in education reform in Great Britain. The legacy also explores the American branch of his family through his mother’s line. A heritage that includes industrialists, entrepreneurs and philanthropists as well two sisters, both successful Broadway actresses and co-founders of the off-Broadway Neighborhood Playhouse and of the Museum of Costume Art in New York.

With the help of a researcher, CACHE gathered together photographs, newspaper articles, documents and letters from family members as well as libraries and museums. CACHE curated all of the information and told Piers’ family story through key individuals on both branches of his lineage as well as additional interviews with current members of the family. In order to share this family archive with his family, present and future, Piers commissioned CACHE to create an archive website and to design and update the family tree.

Browse the videos below to explore the Plowden Legacy. We are extremely grateful to Piers Plowden to be able to show excerpts from this website.


The Plowden Legacy and its contents are password protected which can be accessed by invited guests only. After entering your password the viewer is presented with a Welcome message exquisitely hand written by world renowned calligrapher Paul Antonio and filmed by CACHE especially for the Plowden Legacy


On the homepage, there are 5 unique ways to browse the Plowden family history. Browse the videos below to discover how the navigation and exploration of the Plowden Legacy works. There is also a voice-over on each film to further explain the development of this very large and comprehensive project.


Piers Plowden chose 12 members of his family to profile in detail, from both sides of his parentage and stretching back as far as the 12th Century. CACHE researched each person in detail using interviews, archived material and desktop research. CACHE created written biographies for each person and filmed interviews of Piers sharing both his life and that of his parents.


CACHE designed a gallery for each of the 12 profiled family members. In total, an approximate 2000 photos and documents were scanned, retouched and digitised. In addition to this website, Piers and his family now have a harddrive record of all these images for posterity.


The Plowden family can be traced back to the 12th century and the third Crusade. The timeline was designed by CACHE so that the viewer can easily explore key events in the family’s history as chosen by Piers. Each of the timeline entries was researched and written by CACHE.


There are 14 places that are of special importance to Piers and his family which are highlighted on a world map. Each place was researched in detail and a written profile is provided along with a gallery of photos and documents.


Using Burke’s Peerage, Barbara Plowden’s Plowden of Plowdens and other sources, CACHE meticulously researched and designed an interactive family tree for both sides of Piers’ parentage.

Commissioning a Legacy

A legacy can take many forms. From a comprehensive digital archive, like the Plowden Legacy above, to a bespoke book or encyclopedia of your family history or even a beautifully designed family tree, hand-drawn by a master scribe or simply a family coat of arms drawn up by a herald of the College of Arms.

There are a number of ways we can explore and represent your family history. Whether it is the last year or the last thousand years, we will create a lasting legacy to pass down from generation to generation.

To commission your own Legacy, Contact us to arrange a consultation with a Personal Curator.